C2 RIBS- Specialist Powerboat & RIB Charters for The Solent,
The Isle of Wight and South Coast.

Training options:

C2 RIBS director is a qualified powerboat instructor and can offer own boat tuition and at the same time we have available to us a variety of highly qualified RYA powerboat instructors who have years of experience working within RYA training schools. They offer knowledge and probably one of the most outstanding stretches of water to train within.

The Solent, whether operating from Cowes on The Isle Of Wight or from Portsmouth under the Spinnaker Tower offers the best training waters, providing safe river stretches to practice slow boat handling through to the open waters where we can teach you some high speed handling under the watchful eye of skilled trainers.

We can advise you on training schools that we have worked with for many years, these schools will be RYA recognised with the best boats and trainers. Please call and tell us what course you want to do and your preferred area from Southampton, Portsmouth, Lymington, Yarmouth or Cowes Make sure you get the best training and let us advise you.