C2 RIBS- Specialist Powerboat & RIB Charters for The Solent,
The Isle of Wight and South Coast.

C2RIBs Transfers & Shuttles:

Safe and fast port to port transfers- Do you need to get to the Isle Of Wight or a return to the Mainland? We can offer a bespoke service for you & your team to a location or even a yacht/boat.

Trips from Hamble to Cowes can take as little as 20 mins and that's door to door (marina to boat) not just to a ferry terminal.

During major events like The Isle of Wight Festivals, Cowes Yachting weeks we can arrange for your transfers aboard our high speed safe craft. A trip for an individual is priced around £85.00 (time/date dependent) with additional passengers being charged £15.00 per person. Call to discuss your needs.